Frequently Asked Questions

1 In order to start bidding you need to be a registered user at Bidguru. For registered users, one can bid by clicking on the place bid button.
2 There are no registration charges but in order to play you will have to buy Mudras after you exhaust free mudras.
3 No! You don't have to download anything to use Bidguru.
4 There are no specific hardware requirement for Bidguru website or app, but for a seamless internet connection during auctions.
5 Probably you are facing a temporary buffer outage.Refresh your page and try again. Contact our customer care at (insert number) If the problem persists.
6 No worries! You can always change your credentials by clicking on the forgot password/username button. Follow the instructions thereafter. For any related query you can always contact our hotline on 9111391113.
7 You should double check and verify your credential and if the problem persists contact our amazing tech support at 9111391113.
8 Indian citizen residing in India above 18 years are eligible for bidding. For users below 18 please get in touch with us on 9111391113 and we will guide you.
9 You can update your contact details in your profile section.
10 No you don't have to register for every other auction.
11 Associate referral program refers to a referral scheme through which a registered user share his referral code and avail free bid packs and/or freebies (as per the discretion of Bidguru) upon any/all registration through the referral code of the user.
12 In order to participate in an ongoing auction, you will have to register through sign up and buy bid packs known as Mudras and place mudras in the auction of your choice.
13 The products you are looking for is visible in the home page. Additionally you can also check out upcoming products in the same page streaming by.
14 HI5 feature is used to tag a product you want to see in the upcoming auction. The product with the maximum HIFIs will feature in upcoming auction.
15 No you don't have any registration fee but each bids does costs certain amount which is payable online.
16 Mudra is a token, sort of a virtual currency that one can buy and spend while bidding during an auction. Mudras are of 3 types. Gold, Silver and Magic. For more details check our tutorial section here (insert you tube link)
17 Magic mudras are unique offerings of 70 free token mudras which a user will be bestowed with every day. the 70 free magic mudra will lapse in 24 hours or as per BidGurus discretion.
18 To win a product the prerequisite is to get registered first and choose an ongoing auction. Place n number of bids on the product. Strategy is the key. The most unique and the lowest bid wins. Also the maximum bidder takes the cherished prize on display. You can also check out our fairly easy to understand How to videos on our YouTube channel here (insert links)
19 A lowest and Unique bid is the amount which is not only lower than other Bids say for eg. there are 5 bidders A, B, C, D, E and F, who respectively have bid the following amounts A- 1.2 B- 0.03 C- 3.2 D- 0.12 E- 0.03 Here Bid B and E are the lowest of all the bids, but since they are common, we will take the next lowest bid which is D. Here D is the lowest and most unique bid.
20 If two bids are the same, then they are not unique in any aspect. A user by the way cannot place two bids of the same value.
21 It means you are one of the two winners for the particular auction in which you are the maximum bidder.
22 An auto bid is a complementary feature that helps you place bids automatically. The bids generated by auto bid feature are random and computer generated in real time without any human intervention or interaction.
24 You can simultaneously bid on all the ongoing auctions. So yes!
26 Yes Bidguru provides real time Bid status.
27 Bid history refers to the data of the entire bids the user has placed in all the auctions he has participated.
28 Simply check in your User profile and check the BID HISTORY tab to check your entire bid history.
30 The bidding process and the overall auction in Bidguru runs through a combination of complex algorithm which cannot be manipulated either through backend or through any bots in real time. Also the portal is firewalled with the most stringent security features.
31 You can place a maximum of 500 bids at any instant in any auction.
32 Simply check in your User profile and check the BID HISTORY tab to check your entire bid history.
33 Three tips for both beginners and advanced bidders (1) rules - abide by them (2) bid status - keep abreast with the bid status to place more strategic bids to increase your chance of winning (3) integrity - trying to bug the system or the auction will only add to self misery.
34 To know if you are winning check the bid status in your user profile.
35 No one is a Loser in Bidguru. Everyone`s a winner. For the bidders whose bids did not fall in any of the two winning categories viz. (1) lowest & unique bidder or (2) Maximum bidder; Bidguru offers an opportunity to cherishe the coveted prize by BUY NOW option.
36 The Mudras exhausted or lapsed in your account cannot be refunded but you can reused it under 90% mudra redemption scheme.
37 According to the scheme, the bidder can redeem a whooping 90% of Gold Mudra to buy any product in an auction or from the line of products available anytime within 6 months of 1st time Mundra purchase.Later, in the next transaction they can again redeem 90% of the remaining Gold Mudra for any product.
38 There are both offline and online payment mode for the ease of transaction. The online payment feature is enabled with all the modes of transaction available across all the banks and modes available. The offline payment made is available for cheque and draft payment with details mentioned in the corresponding section.
39 Complying with all the norms and integrated with the best of web security, Bidguru is secure for online transaction.
40 Your products will be delivered to the address mentioned in your user profile. Prior to the delivery you will be called on your registered mobile number followed by a message informing you of your product delivery under process. Your products will be delivered at your doorstep. The overall process takes no more than a week.
41 Bidguru would replace or repair the damaged or disintegrated product only if it is returned within a week of delivery. If you have been delivered a damaged product then you should immediately inform Bidguru through email or call our customer care at (insert number)
42 Thankfully Bidguru doesn't charge you for shipping and delivery.
43 You can either mail us at or call us at 9111391113.
44 You can always choose to unsubscribe from emails and sms by following the steps given in the profile segment. Additionally you can unsubscribe from emails by clicking the Unsubscribe link in every mails you receive from Bidguru.