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Bidguru is the flagship brand of Maruti Venture which is registered with the CHIPS (Chattisgarh Infotech and Biotech Promotion Society), Government of Chhattisgarh, at Raipur. It is inspired by the Digital India call given by the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi and focuses on the theme of social innovation.

A Revolution in e-commerce in India

In a never before fusion of gaming and shopping with a touch of social innovation and use of the state-of-the-art technology, we have created a platform where anyone with a click of a button or tap of a finger will fancy his chances of getting a product which was out of his reach. This will motivate anyone and everyone to participate in the next version of e-commerce in India.

The Concept

At BidGuru, we have devised a whole new shopping format wherein Users/Bidders will participate in a Gamified version of a bid-based online real-time auction for the product they desire. By making sure that while the minimum spending of our users be ridiculously small and maximum spending quite less than the actual product cost, we have presented a win-win solution for the shoppers.
The axis of motivation for the Users is to go for the auction and wait for the conclusion of auction. Fair chances are there that they might end up winning the product, or in a situation otherwise, they have an option to purchase it without spending a penny extra. Precisely, the solution is to enrich the shopping experience of Indian customers by giving them a chance to own a product, either by winning in auction or buying with an experience filled with lot of excitement, fun and entertainment, before entering into a more conventional seller-buyer relationship

Introducing Mudra Redemption for the first time in India

The most important offering that makes us the perfect amalgamation of e-commerce and auction is the fact that all the spending (Gold Mudras) of the Users will be saved in their wallet account and they can redeem all the amount spent for bidding to simply purchase the product they were bidding for at the first place. This feature enables the Users to bid before a buy, without having to spend in futility.
To add to this, the Users get a further window of 180 days i.e. 6 months to redeem their spent i.e. Gold Mudras against any other product(s) from the e-commerce bouquet of Bidguru or from the other auctions conducted by Bidguru in future.

Secured and Transparent Platform Empowered with High-end Technology

BidGuru offers a robust technology driven proprietary platform with state-of-the-art security features integrated to its web and mobile applications. It has used latest technology and algorithms that are highly efficient and capable of handling big data hands on. It provides a seamless experience to the bidders to participate in an online, real time, bid-based auction. The whole process has been automated end-to-end to provide real time bid status and result display which helps to create a complete transparent and tamper free environment. The platform offers a smart dashboard that helps to give real time actionable insights to the bidder to strategize the bids during live auction. Use of high end encryption makes sure that bid value of any user is kept secret. The transactions are secured through CC Avenue, a world leader in online payment gateway. At BidGuru innovation and research are an on-going process.

Transferring the Power in the hands of the Shoppers

We are committed to auction some of the best in the class desirable products and give our Users a chance to own them at very small investments. In our vision of a gamified e-commerce, top notch product line of the most competitive commodities will be up for an auction. We have introduced a Hi-Five feature through which the Users can let us know what products they want to be brought under the upcoming auctions. The product line will be dominated by what our end users want through a schematic data collection. Users will amongst themselves compete in a transparent auction and the winners will get the product at a price never before. The idea here is to let the e-shoppers participate in an auction of the product of their choice, try this version of a whole new shopping experience before going for the conventional purchase. At the end of the day, he will have the option of ultimately buying the product at no additional cost. This will give an equal opportunity to all the internet users to buy a product irrespective of their pocket size.

Concept Validated by e-Shoppers as well as the Industry

In the first phase of our launch we had got tremendous response and within a span of just 33 days a close to 83,000 Users had registered with us. Within a short time we conducted 27 auctions for a range of gadgets, including the smartphones like iPhone 5s, Redmi Note 3, etc. The e-Shoppers responded with tremendous enthusiasm and that motivated us to reciprocate with lot of surprise gifts. We had 54 Winners and lot of others who got surprise prizes. This also threw some challenges and we had lot of learnings as well. We took everything in our stride and understood the need to redesign and make the platform more robust to accommodate more and more e-Shoppers and to provide them a seamless exhilarating shopping experience.
In early December 2016, we participated in CeBIT 2016 in Bangalore under the guidance of STPI (Software Technology Park of India). A huge number of visitors, including technological geeks and industry veterans with diversified interests visited us and gave a heads up. We were pleasantly surprised to receive quite a number of enquiries for becoming Business Associates and few investors also showed up keen interest. Honestly, we weren't ready for this at that time but it again validated us that we were moving in the right direction. STPI also helped us with lot of mentoring from the industry Gurus who also appreciated our initiative and the innovation introduced by us.

Android Mobile App to be launched soon!

We are evolving and increasing our digital footprint and as a next development we are coming up soon with an android based mobile application to enable the smartphone based shoppers the ease to experience the ease of buying. Enjoy Winning and Buying your Dream products at Magical Prices at Bidguru and do give us your valuable Feedback at info@bidguru


What could be the mission of an auction site purportedly online for maximum business and benefit be? Well! We strive to bring parity of some sorts, providing you with the best of the worlds at rock-bottom prices. The price to pay for, is meagre in comparison to all your additional and post purchase expenses including the diesel you burn to the nearest mart or mall; it's almost negligible.


Our humble vision is to see folks with the modest of the budget be equipped with the power to purchase, whenever and wherever they are. Happiness delivered at door step! What would that take though? Of course a unique lowest bid! A common man can afford that. You now won't need a second hand device or stuff at second hand rates, when you can have the same with some number crunching and some strategy for the cost of about nothing at all!

We abide by the following values that lies in the core of our inception. We at BidGuru cultivate the following values as habit among our employees and try to get it across the streets. We believe, every bidder is unique in all capacity and potential and can make a difference even with the following traits in traces.
1> Integrity - We play fair! Basically. We make sure that honesty transcends from personal values to society at large in private and public.
2> Affirmative - It's a culture these days to just be pessimistic about what our needs and wants are, those which is barely or too out of our financial capacity. Being bold, affirmative and positive about our goals brings results and resources that would ensue us the same.
3> Futuristic - Delving on the past is for the archeologists and the history graduates; moving on and strategizing for things to come is the better alternative to the mundane.